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Act as the masked superhero with supernatural powers from the movie series and comic books. Our Spiderman games will take you into the world of Peter Parker who seems to be just an ordinary guy. Save the city of New York before the most evil villains ever. Launch the game called Spider-Man: Laboratory Lockdown, interrupt robberies, solve detective stories, protect innocent people, or pacify thieves escaping the law. Crawl in the shadows of narrow side streets and watch the gangster as they rob the bank. Shoot everything on your camera so you have evidence for incoming police officers. These guys are just ordinary gangsters, one agile jump, twist, and one hard hit to the scruff, and they are stunned. That was quite easy, but what Dr. Octopus, or Goblin? These guys are true villains and their weaponry is much more sophisticated. Goblin likes to use frag grenades. Dodge them all and hit him back with the string-shot from your wrist web-shooter. Dr. Octopus has kidnaped Mary Jane! What you gonna do? He hid somewhere in remote powerplant just behind the city. You should go there, infiltrate his base and face him in a "fair" duel. Doctor's enhanced equipment is definitely a tough nut to brake, but your agility and swiftness should be way too much for him. Stab him from behind and turn him into a living cocoon.

Face your deepest fears and never let your spirit down. You have heart of a hero! Bitten by a radioactive spider triggered several layers of mutations in your body. This process granted you supernatural powers as well as responsibility for safety of all other citizens of New York city. You are now able to cling to walls, you have inhuman strength and speed, and have certain degree of expertise in chemistry and biology. Bind your enemies with a net, or throw a stunning glob to blind your opponents. Weave a shield for your defenses and protect yourself from powerful guns that all gangster around the city are wearing. Shoot strings of web from your forearm, and jump from rooftop to rooftop. Slide to windows, and attack your enemies from unpredictable positions. Take pictures of Spidey in action, and make sure that his identity remains in secret!