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Friends of cute monkeys, this is the place for you! Our Monkey GO Happy games category is devoted to this phenomenal and fun game series. You see an unhappy monkey, so make it smile! Find certain interactive objects, solve simple or complex puzzles, follow the storyline, and enjoy the atmosphere of various plot settings that each sequel brings. Celebrate Easter and find out hidden eggs that are scattered around. Cheer yourself up during Halloween and seek for thirty secret carved pumpkins. And during Christmas, don't say: "winter is coming", rather reveal correct places off all hidden mini-trees! Visit Santa on North Pole and help him to pack all the gifts. Step into arcane temple, solve all puzzles, and loot the huge treasure chest. Do you want even more adventures? Then try to resolve a top secret code and you may meet a weird prisoner who is looking more like an alien. Or go back in time and accept the shootout challenge from one of the pride cowboys out there. Wait, wait, wait! No need to be violent, let's find out more peaceful way by helping him out with finding his favorite pictures of his wife. Are these ninjas trying to ambush you? Hell no... They want to have some fun. They are hidden very well, though. Well, they are ninjas for a reason. How many minutes will you need to reveal their positions?

It is raining. Wait, what? It's a mini-monkey up there! Uhm, that's getting a little bit crazy. Explore dark underground caves and feed all bats. Participate in a survival challenge and go through all activities in which your life will be put in danger. Madness? Did anyone say madness? Sure it is! These games are total blast among all the puzzle games out there. Catchy storylines, funny moments, surprising plot twists, and breathtaking endings. The very best puzzle games series is here to entertain you for long hours and perhaps even days! Persuade characters to give you hints. Test your logical spirit, keep finding those little ninjas, broken hearts, lollypops, and so on, and make the sad monkey go happy!