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Mahjong (or Mah-jong) may be translated as "sparrows" - birds of mystical intelligence. Mahjong is originally a Chinese game, whose first mention is dated back to 2500 BC. In the following millennia, the game has undergone a long evolution of rules and appearance. Anyway, the very concept of Mahjong - proven over time - will keep you entertained also now. Try one of the most popular modern analogies such as Mahojong Titans, Alchemy or Solitare. We cannot forget also the good old classic in the form of Mahjong Classic. Read more.

Mahjong is a classic game that is worldwide very popular. The game has its origins in China during the last great Chinese dynasty known as the Qing Dynasty / Empire. Mahjong is a board game for four players. Some variations, based on the country of origin, prefer only three players (eg Japan). The modern computer form of Mahjong is called Mahjong Solitaire. In this version the player plays alone and tries to collect all the stones on the board.

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Classic Mahjong Solitaire

Classic Mahjong Solitaire is a strategy game in which all steps must be calculated. Your task is to remove all tiles from the board by removing two identical tiles - with the same character - that are not blocked by other tiles. Is it worth picking up the first pair of stones that you see? Definitely not! The playing area is composed of 144 playing stones arranged in four layers. It can easily happen that with one wrong move you get to the point, where no more moves left.

Do you know the benefits of playing Mahjong on your computer or in your mobile? There is still an element of strategy. You will practice your logic, but if you make a mistake, you do not have to build the game board again! You can simply go back as many steps as you want. If you don't know where you made a mistake, you can restart your game. Mahjong Solitare can be put together in different shapes - try temples, turtles, monkeys, butterflies and many others. Do not miss the wonderful opportunity to play one of the best games in the world for free.

Many variations of Mahjong game

Mahjong Solitaire is a variation of Mahjong that is played online and is for single player only. In general, there are no differences such as different number of players or different scoring. The game is only about collecting of all stones. This does not mean that you will not find scoring mechanics.

In terms of gameplay, we can find several variants of Mahjong Solitaire. Many games are about time, and you have to remove all the stones during this time. If you fail, you lost. Another option is that you have the overall time and you try to score as many points as possible ( Animals Connect , Mahjong Connect Classic ). With the development of graphics in games, Mahjong has also the possibility of playing in 3D graphycs, where your task is to rotate the board (stones) and looking stones that are not blocked ( Mahjong Dark Dimensions ).

Greater differences in gameplay would be hard to find. The online Mahjong game is about graphical differences. For example, Japanese mahjong uses only flower patterns, Chinese mahjong is more focused on Chinese characters and patterns. Many tiles are made for the little ones and use cute simpler graphics – candies, animals, household items, and many more ( Sugar Mahjong ).

Are you interested in any of the above Mahjong Solitaire variations? In that case, do not hesitate and try all the different games, that you can play on our site. Don't play the same boring game over and over again! Mahjong is beautiful in its diversity. Have fun.

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