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Tease your brain in our free mahjong games online collection! Choose your favorite Mahjong variant from our large selection of these games and try to disassemble famous Chinese buildings and structures! Various themes for various seasons of the year - Christmas, Halloween, or even Valentine's Day. Pile tiles onto each other, or remove them - all you need to do is to select your favorite game mode and enjoy one of the oldest board games which is being played up to now. Exercise your brain and set sail to the one of the most exciting puzzle adventure you've ever experienced. There is actually the whole community which is in love with this strategic game and you should join the ranks before it will be too late! You can then learn few tricks which may help you win the game even in a case where it seems to be a loss. Test your newly acquired game knowledge in some of our mahjong free games! They are challenging for the pros, yet fun for total beginners.

Choose a game with particular background theme, and enjoy stunning graphic sceneries. From traditional themes to fully 3D colorful and complex designs. Race the clock, and remove all tiles before time runs out! Play this traditional Chinese game by clicking the mouse, and test your tactical thinking to its limits! Speaking of tactical thinking... It's gonna be your bread and butter here. If you plan to succeed in these games without even trying, you won't. If you want to master all aspects of this board game, you must spend few training sessions learning advanced gameplay concept. But don't be scared. This is just for those, who are seeking true challenge behind this tile removing adventure. Casual players don't need to think about these little details and still will face challenge of adequate difficulty. Blast off the tiles to reveal hidden truths about the future! Various layouts, different strategies, and the same goal! Kids, youngsters, adults, and seniors - everyone is matching the tiles, so join the hype train while you can! Only one can become a true puzzle master!