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Are you a fairy-tale lover? Do you like playing with dolls? If your answers are yes, this is the best place on Earth for you! Our Ever After High games will let you play with all your favorite characters. Choose from characters like Apple White, Lizzie Hearts, Duchess Swan, Raven Queen, Madeline Hatter, Briar Beauty, Ashlynn Ella, and many more! Play with them, and enjoy life-changing adventure in their company. Quizzes, dress up challenges, creativity contests, or make-up competitions, these ladies are up for every kind of crazy action!

Once upon a time, on high school in a land far beyond the imagination, the story of Ever After High is taking place. It's a high school for the next generation of fairy-tale characters, where the most talented students are capable of casting magic which can do serious harm over short period of time! It's up to every enchanting student to decide whether she will follow her fate and will walk in the footsteps of her fairy-tale parents, or whether she will write her own story! Add make-up, choose a dress, and style their hair, these ladies must look beautiful in any scenario! Give these magical characters with special powers beautiful makeover, so they can charm any visitor!

What about introducing one of the girls in more detail? Here comes Apple White! She would like people to know her as the most beautiful student of all. Her mom always says, "My beauty is not just on the surface." Whenever she blinks or sings, guys or animals will not hold up and have to come to rescue her. What is she supposed to say? She wants to wake up a true hero in everybody. Everyone at school thinks that she is with prince Daring Charming. The fact that her story ends with their wedding does not mean we have to talk about it all right, okay? Perhaps, it was she has just used one of her magic abilities to charm him, who knows! That was a short introduction of one of the main characters of this magical world. If you want to meet others amazing girls, don't hesitate, and try out one of our Ever After High games!