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Dora is a smart, young girl who loves to have fun. Join her in our Dora games collection and enjoy her entertaining adventures together with her. Embark on wonderful quests and adventures and follow the steps of this talented indigenous girl. By the way, she is not alone on her journeys. She has a rather talkative companion... his name is Boots and it's a monkey which will never shut its mouth, never! This guy is able to talk with no breaks for hours and hours, but Dora is a tolerant girl, so she doesn't mind. Important thing is that they are both having fun! Visit zoo, and play with animals, feed them, or just make scary faces at them. Venture into ancient pyramids, and look for various riddles, find their solutions, and watch the golden treasure emerge from depths of the abyss. Locate stolen items in abandoned house and place them back to the places where they belong to. Depict bunch of untold secrets and share them with the rest of the world! Play with stuffed animals, and take care of them like they would be real. Dress them up, change their hairstyles. Do whatever you want with them, but always follow rules which would Dora never disobey.

Travel around the world, eat candies, dress up in a nice outfit, and go outside and see what you can do. Visit a salon, and take care of your nails, but also don't forget on your teeth. Explore remarkable places like Mayan pyramids, the Great Wall of China, coral reefs of Pacific Ocean, Taj Mahal, or the highest building in the world called Burj Khalifa. Don't forget to take snapshots during your journeys so you can recall these grand moments with your friends. Find out new interesting recipes and cook delicious meals such as chocolate cake, grilled salmon, or vegan burger. Dora is a tremendously smart girl and you'll learn a lot of useful things by playing games with her so you can play and educate yourself at once! Give Dora just once chance to entertain you, and you'll see that she won't disappoint!