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About Flipline Studios

Flipline Studios is an independent game development studio based in Cleveland, Ohio. Since its founding in 2004 by Tony Solary and Matt Neff, the studio has been dedicated to creating unique and highly enjoyable games for their passionate fanbase. With a focus on free-to-play Flash games and apps for tablets and phones, Flipline Studios has gained worldwide recognition and a massive player base.

Flipline Studios games characteristics

The games developed and published by Flipline Studios cover a wide range of genres, from casual cooking games to action-packed platformers. Their titles have received numerous awards and are played daily by millions of people around the globe.

Popular titles & history

Flipline Studios is best known for its popular series of Papa Louie restaurant time-management games and the thrilling adventure game Cactus McCoy. The company's journey began in 2002-2003 when Matt and Tony collaborated on a Sidescrolling/RPG game called The Mawglin. In 2004, they established Flipline IDS (Interactive Design Studios) and released a comic called Freezing Pointe. However, their focus shifted to Flash game development in 2006, leading to the discontinuation of Freezing Pointe and the renaming of their company to Flipline Studios. That same year, they released Papa Louie: When Pizzas Attack! and in 2007, they created their first cooking game called Papa's Pizzeria.

Flipline Studios team

At the core of Flipline Studios are its two founders, Matt Neff and Tony Solary. As a busy duo, they work tirelessly to create new games and apps throughout the year while also maintaining their website and engaging with fans through their blog, Twitter, and Facebook.