Graffiti Time

Graffiti Time will take you on the crazy adventure where you will be painting graffiti in a city guarded by cops and security robots. To show your skill, the police cars will be one of your targets to paint the graffiti on. Also, you will can glue flags and do other signatures on the public property.

Use your spray to double jump and overcome all obstacles on the way to find all property to paint on. Once done, take a key and go to the next level. You end either once you are catched by the police or their robot or ... once all the universe is enriched with your graffiti. Have fun!

Game features

  • Skateboarding race mode
  • Challenging Extra Mini Games
  • Freehand tagging mode
  • Cool animations
  • The creator of the game is graffiti artist in real life.
  • For all the fans of getting up game about the Trane writer, but now on your mobile phone!

Age rating: PACO12

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