WASD = move

mouse = shoot

tab = score table

1 ... 9 = guns

r = reload

c = crouch

ctrl = prone

shift = sprint

space = jump

t = chat

enter = send message

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Masked Shooters Assault

Masked Shooters Assault is a fun multiplayer first person shooter game. Give a break to Counter Strike and play this great game right in your internet browser. Join the room, or create your own, and play with your friends. You can choose from three maps that represent different game modes.You can kill in an abandoned factory, or in an arena where you can effectively cover, or shoot on enemies from high towers. You can choose from two basic modes of play. First one is FFA, there are no rules and everyone is against each other and the second one is the classic mode of two teams that fight each other. So do not be afraid to try something new, with great graphics and lots of fun. Enjoy the game.

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