Army Wars

Army Wars is an online real-time multiplayer strategy game. Player become a general of his army unit. Lead your unit to the victory and glory. The game is optimized for browsers, without the need of installing.

About Game

Destroy players all around the world. ArmyWars is an online game where the player needs to find the best strategy to win the battle. Build your units. Use tanks, helicopters and fighter jets. In the game there are also buildings which help to strenghten units. Remember that fights are always real time! SO be prepared and dont start without strategy.


After the US president started a war with Russia based on a tweet - just one year after his inauguration - the world has fallen into chaos. Governments on all continents have been divided and broke apart. The reason for this was the ambiguous opinions about the participation in this war and the respective NATO commitments.At first, nobody wanted to participate in this war but gradually more countries got dragged into it. And here starts your adventure! Fight for survival and glory. Protect your country!


  • Massive multiplayer online game
  • Game is online it means no installation required
  • Challenging strategy game
  • Use tanks, jets or helicopters
  • The sophisticated game for free

Age rating: PACO12

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