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Our free hunting games category unlocks any real world hunting restrictions like hunting seasons and so on. Hunt day in, day out, during the day or night, whenever you want. Grab your gun, and head to the nearby forest to enjoy some shooting fun. If you wanna attend more traditional hunting session, crossbow will be definitely a good choice! Hunt down animals ranging from small rabbits to majestic deers. Or do you have courage to face a grizzly bear? Its jaws are precious hunting trophy! Release dogs to chase down wild fauna, and celebrate moments of victory when they bite their first target. It's gonna be a wild night!

Can it be even funnier? What about devouring people? Play as a huge lizard, and get something for the dinner - the best bet would be scared to death humans that are running in fear from your sight. Let's see what they're made of. Get them, eat them, find another ones, and rinse and repeat - it's dinner time! Cruel? Maybe, but the rule of thumb here is: there is the hunter and the hunted. You can simply guess which one is strong and which is weak. Catch the trail, walk the killer's path, and find your prize, because true hunter never rests! The scent of prey is so strong that your senses should be prepared for final blow. You must never return empty-handed! How good marksman you are? Sense the nature, and always be one step ahead. Fingers on the trigger, being ready for that one bullet kill... will it happen? Use your mouse to aim, and kill your target with ease!

Forest - a place where most of the hunting games online adventures happen. Beautiful sceneries, incredible moments during various events, noninterchangeable atmosphere. Big game hunter trophy can be yours, just adjust your aiming, and fire! Don't scare your prey, and hit it before it runs away. More prey mean more prizes. Shoot fast and accurately, and this hunting adventure becomes a success. Get another piece to your fine collection. Unleash your hunting spirit, and get back home with big loot! Tonight we hunt!