Assault Strike

Assault Strike is a 3d multiplayer game, which maps take place on seven different planets, creating fascinating and unique backgrounds. Who would not like try to out legendary Dust 2 on alien planet... Join either SWAT or terrorist forces and start your reign on one of these maps in two classic modes: deathmatch and team deathmatch. While playing team deathmatch, we strongly recommend you to cooperate with the rest of your team. With the weapon arsenal that Assault Strike brings, we are sure that every type of player will find his favorite gun. Are you a sneaky guy, who does not like direct combat? Use sniper rifle and make people die from the far. For those, who prefer face-to-face engage, we cannot recommend anything else than sticking to a shotgun. One quick burst and Adios, simple and gets job done. And we could continue with this breakdown for all ten weapons that you can use for your dominance on the battlefield. So do not wait any longer and experience the thrill of this game in your browser yet today. We wish you the best time playing Assault Strike at Pacogames. Have fun

Opublikowano Aug 31, 2015

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