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TAB = menu

1 ... 8 = weapons

P = fullscreen

R = reload

SPACE = jump

CTRL = prone

C = crouch

SHIFT = run

t = chat

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Alienware: Online

Alienware: Online - an online multiplayer shooter game which at the first glance looks like all those tens of similar games. So similar, that they have the same maps, weapons, and even game modes. And just this is the difference between Alienware and all the other games. Here you have available 9 absolutely unique maps (They are only in this game currently) and five not quite common weapons out of 8. The aiming with them is a little different too. Many times you'll have surely trouble getting to certain places in maps, because the way to get there will not immediately visible always. That's not bug, but an intent. Over time, you will slowly uncover these ways and the game will become more interesting for you. Have fun.

Opublikowano Jun 16, 2015

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