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Educate yourself and play our doctor Games online. You can be a doctor, a beautiful nurse, or a manager of a hospital who is desperately trying to manage everything in the best possible way. Anyway, prepare for an intense challenge. First patients are already coming to the waiting room. People with broken legs, twisted arms, cracked collarbones, strained muscles... this list could go on an on, but all these people need your help! Diagnose their problems, and decide exact ways of their treatment. Is it gonna be a difficult surgery, or just a quick treat and go session? Help celebrities and famous characters. Barbie and Elsa is ill, as a head physician of a prestigious and renowned clinic, you should be able to provide them the best possible care far and wide. Just do it!

Investigate oral cavities, transplant organs, or replace original parts of a body with new plastic or metal ones. Be at a child's birth, and make sure that the newborn gets everything it needs. Prescribe crucial medication for your patients, and arrange another meeting in few days. As a manager of a hospital, you'll have to do many decision that will change the future. From hiring new workers and assistants, finding new business opportunities to grow, and supervising all shifts to analyzing financial figures and working on marketing - to cover all these things, one must insane manager skills! Are you up for this challenge? Even a nurse must have at least basic knowledge of any injury, so she can be helpful in various scenarios - and they do!

Players of all ages can play doctor games for kids as well as for adults, and learn basic principles of various medical activities. You can visit an operation room, and participate on a surgery. You'll be learning new things and having fun playing games at the same time! Face all hospital challenges, and help anywhere you can. Take care of cute, little babies, and make sure they don't get sick. Your patients are your priority, so provide them proper medical treatment. Hospital is now your new home, but a very fun one!