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Our virtual surgery games category features games from the hospital environment including emergency rooms, operating rooms, or rest rooms. If you have never been to a hospital, it's a great opportunity to see and experience it as a doctor, patient, or just a random passing person. Becoming a surgeon requires years and years of studies and practice. Our surgery games for kids are great shortcut to all those tribulations presenting surgery in a funny and entertaining way. Learn together with us basic principles of a brain surgery, heart transplant, or implementation of a knee implantate. Before you jump into all of this crazy and seemingly incomprehensible stuff, you must do one very important thing! You must know everything about your patient's health status - that's called anamnesis. Once you are done with this, accept your patient, and diagnose his issues. Decide, what kind of action should be taken, and prepare him or her for immediate surgery! Tell nurses to get ready to prepare all surgical tools and to use anesthesia, we are going to operate! Following minutes are not for weak minds. Seeing human organs in their original form may shake with nerves of many sturdy dudes.

Nevermind, grab a scalpel, and open up the wound. Fix all problems, repair broken legs, replace organs, and with steady hands, sew the wound up! Practice your surgical skills without risking a real life, and become world-famous surgeon! Follow instructions of your more experienced colegues, and expand your knowledge of human body. With every performed surgery, your virtual doctoral skill goes up and up. Begin with simpler medical helps like fixing bruised legs or arms, but progress towards more complicated actions like brain transplant, or detoxication of blood cells. Become a pioneer in the whole industry, inspire, and innovate!

Emergency room is looking for new surgeons! You should apply, and use your knowledge to help other people. You'll have the ability to change the live of your patients. Sure, it might be a way too much to handle for an ordinary person, but you are the special one, you are the one who will never let others down!