= move

mouse = shoot

esc = game menu

space = jump

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Are you afraid of a darkness? It is quite common since our brains perception is often manipulated by implications what would or could happen in a dark environment. Our mind gets scared about recent events, and our brain considers it as a threat. That would be a bit of theory, but what about practice, can it be real? Well, imagine a situation that you barely see few centimetres in front of you, add weird sounds, and that is it. Then, when you spot first zombie, you realize that this was not a joke. Run as fast as you can, avoid any contact with zombies, and hope that you will somehow survive. Use various perks like armor vest or head start to boost your runs, and try to get as far as possible before you get killed. The further you run, the more money you get. As you progress through the game, unlock more weapons, use them to your advantage, and set the new best distance. Have fun.

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