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Winx Club is open! Use this opportunity to join cute fairy characters, and start playing one of our Winx Club games! Choose from wide range of dress up games, select costumes and magical outfits, and apply it on your favorite fashion doll! Choose lovely hairstyles, help them with makeup, and give them a fresh look! Use mythix scepter, and charm all admirers.

Princess Bloom, the leader of Winx club, also known as the Guardian Fairy of Domino and Keeper of the Dragon's Flame, is capable of casting mystical spells, sing enchanted songs, or paint colorful pictures. Deep in her heart, she is a good girl, but she also has her dark side! When she turns into Dark Bloom, she is loyal to her master Lord Darkar and does very bad deeds. Luckily, thanks to her love to Sky, she can heal everyone including herself, and thus escape from Darkar's dark magic influence. Musa, the Guardian Fairy of Melody, is one of the founding members of the Winx Club, and a former student of Alfea College for Fairies. She likes to dance, sing and play all kinds of instruments. Her magical powers also come from music, granting her exceptional battle potential and ability to fight multiple enemies. Stella, the princess of Solaria, is the keeper of the Ring of Solaria and Guardian Fairy of Solaria. This young girl is very friendly and always willing to put her life into danger to protect people that are close to her. Moreover, this girl is a fashion addict. She knows every fashion trend and she is concerned with every little detail, such as whether you should wear square-shaped or circle-shaped earrings to this and this kind of t-shirt or trousers. She is a maniac, but in a good way!

This was a short introduction of three girls which are inviting you for a journey of your life! Considering what you've just learnt about them and considering the fact that there are many more girls in Winx Club, you won't be bored with these ladies ever! Set off for magical adventures throughout the forest, and fly freely like in a real fairy-tale!