WASD = drive

space = handbrake

l = lights

c = change camera view

a = gear up

z = gear down

p = pause

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NOTE: Due to non-functionality, the game was replaced for Russian Car Driver ZIL 130
You are not afraid of anything, you face every challenge and you are just a Russian coat? So the game Russian-style Russian Car Driver HD is just for you. You will definitely love this game. In addition to having realistic physics, the game has a very sophisticated graphics, more over you will find few different modes. Some of them you can play instantly - rally, parking, races, free ride - and some, you have to unlock first - drifting and special racing. Make progress in the game and get achievements. Can you drive during the night, in the rain, in the tricky terrain, where pit, mud and inverted tractors are waiting for you? Have fun.

If you like this game and you are interested in other driving games from Russia, try this one Russian Car Driver ZIL 130.

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