arrows = ride




4 = change bike

esc = pause

shift = turbo

c = change view

space = handbrake

r = reset game

g = reset bike

e = police lights

h = hide instructions

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Good news for all motorcycle lovers! Sit into an armchair, because next minutes will be full of endless moto entertainment! This time you can roam around the city or outside of it. And you still do not know what you can find in the new maps! It is a surprise we do not want to spoil, but here is a little hint. You will be flying in the air, so it's clear that you can expect a totally brutal ride on great bikes that have their own driving characteristics! There is a total of four motorbikes and each of them performs differently in various terrain conditions. We have a police motorcycle on which you can turn on the police lights to set yourself on the side of law and order. Then there is a motocross beauty that is waiting just for you! Add another two racing bikes right from Valentino Rossi's stable and we are good to go! Can not wait to try them all? Have fun.

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