Konterball - it's table tennis in VR. This game playable in virtual reality as well as in classic web window is available for playing in a single player mode as well as in multiplayer where 2 players playing against each other in real time over network.

The game is made using 3D javascript library three.js, open source JavaScript 3D physics engine Cannon.js and the open realtime server deepstream.io.

Konterball was developed by wild in cooperation with Google and belongs to Web VR Experiment.

How to play Konterball in VR:
1) Open this page in Chrome on you mobile device
2) Click on Button "Play in new window"
3) Click on button "Let's Go"
4) turn your phone to landscape mode
5) Select "Start Game" or "New game" (on basis of mode you want to play)
6) click on "check out this experiment in 360"
7) Insert your mobile into VR headset (e.g. clipboard)
8) Enjoy playing table tennis in VR

NOTE: During internal tests this VR game did not run as expected.

Yaş sınırı: PACO7

Yayınlandı Oct 4, 2019

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