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Stop working, and start slacking! Our office slacking games are great opportunity for the laziest people ever to be successful! School practice in a company is sometimes extremely boring. Making some coffee and going through stacks of papers is not fun at all. But what about polishing nails, writing to your friends on messenger, checking your friends' social media posts, or finding a new t-shirt that would fit your stylish wardrobe? These are the right activities to do! And we are not even mentioning kissing your colleague, plain and simple, in such moments you can do more interesting things than just checking invoices and charts of how your employer earns a lot of money on a daily basis.

What is even worse, though, is to slack in a gym, when your coach wants you to do deliver some serious performance, but you are so fatigued from your office job that you can barely move. You would rather eat cakes than doing squats and pushups in your favorite gym. Getting into shape isn't automatic process and that's why your personal trainer is standing next to you, commanding you to push further. But there are few moments, when he goes for water or when he turns around, because he spotted some sexy lady walking by, and in the meantime, you are slacking once again! And what about library? An ideal place to study... Yeah, but somebody is way too lazy to keep learning whole day, so instead, he watches video on YouTube or Netflix, what a typical slacker! With this approach, your results in school may not change much, but for the purposes of our slacking games for girls, this is totally on point!

Do anything, but work. Slack as much as you can during your working hours, and earn points. Use your night shift in the kitchen, and take selfies while doing nothing. Don't get caught by your boss, and slack everywhere you can. Great places are: gyms, work, library, kitchen, and many other places! Send snaps to your friends, or post pics on Instagram. Chill, relax, and have a great time!