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Scare your friends to death with our free scary games category! Play as spooky characters like ghosts, undeads, ghouls, or gargoyles, and do totally dreadful things. Sneak into abandoned house, and solve frightening mysteries! Challenge your bravery, and complete all kinds of horror adventures featuring hordes of mutilated monsters and zombies. Celebrate Halloween in style with various dress up challenges with clothes from the very depths of this world and beyond. Black is the color, black is hallowed. Color which symbolizes death in some cultures and happiness and luck in others. Fight screeching spawns of hell in narrow sewers, and find the way out to see daylight. Explore medieval castles and look out for traps! Check every seemingly abandoned chamber, and discover legendary treasure which is known among horror theme based stories addicts as a Grail of Scourge. It is said that this item provides all existing evil and inhuman creatures unrivalled strength and agility, as well as actual ability to devour other entities alive. Does it sound spooky? Then you better get that item before your enemy will do so! Can you even imagine what would happen? Set off for a gruesome adventure against army of hell, or escape from silent mazes filled with unknown corpses. Kill all fanatical enemies, and don't let them scare you for a second, only then you can succeed during your dangerous journey.

Test your skill in scary games online. In games, which will raise your blood pressure, levels of adrenaline, and possibly leave a very negative impact on your future life. Just kidding, it's all made up! And you should actually take the good from it. If you manage to survive this psychological onslaught which you can experience in one of these games, your mind will be rock-solid and nothing will make your scared in your real life, so take that into account! Gamers are made of steel, ready to roam around mental asylums, cemeteries, and murky hills! Unbreakable and awesome, well, unless they meet scourge general himself. That's the moment to flee... Grim Reaper is wandering around, will you be able to avoid his scythe?