1 ... 9 = guns

tab = game menu

r = reload

shift = run

m = map

f = pick-up weapon

t = chat

enter = confirm chat

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Royale Forces features a FPS game in which you can play Battle Royale or Doom Royale game modes. Obviously, there are many others, so the fun never ends. You can head right away into multiplayer battles against other players or train you aiming skill in matches vs bots. Here is a little sneak peak about game modes present in the game: Arcade: 2x jump force, all weapons equipped; Battle Royale: Be the sole survivor, if you die it's game over; DOOM: Also known as Doom Royale, it's like Battle Royale but you also have an RPG. Use it wisely! And Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch for sure as well... How many features does this game have? A lot! Power-ups, multiple weapons and weapon skins, level-up system that allows you to use different weapon skins, armor/mask customization, and four unique and detailed maps! Have fun.

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