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Dottie is a cute 6-year-old-girl who is taking care of her stuffed animals friends in our Doc McStuffins games. She is so talented for her age that she can fix, sew and patch her broken toys. Dress up and visit Doc’s best friends. Meet Bronty, Buddy, Glo-Bo, Hermie, Lala Koala, and many others. By the way, these guys are stuffed animals, yet our Doc considers them as the best friends! Activate her magic stethoscope and travel through time. Get along with many animals and repair their tears. Crocodiles, giraffes, bears, parrots, or tigers, all come to life to interact with Doc McStuffins. You'll enjoy a lot of fun with these stuffed friends. They can jump, speak, and smell, so let's play with them! Give those guys their well-deserved check-ups and diagnose their fictional illnesses which you can find in the book called "The Big Book of Boo Boos".

Follow the steps of your mother and become respectable pediatrician. Treat all patients with no prejudice and provide them the best care possible. After all, there is not many professionals like Doc McStuffins who is specializing in stuffed animals care! And don't forget to make some friends along the way! Operate now or never! Treat bruises, fractures, inflammations, or cavities. Prescribe your patients medicaments and watch over them during the recovery period. Learn new things from medical fields in fun and interactive way, and realize that you should stay healthy as well. This wonderful virtual world of living stuffed animals and young doctor is one thing, but nothing is more valuable than your own health, so keep that in mind even while playing, and take a break when needed to give yourself some refreshment or a short walk!

Now back to Doc McStuffins, though. Visit her at home, at the dentist, or in her backyard playhouse. She runs her own clinic there where she is playing with her favorite toys. Give them some love too! You may know Doc McStuffins from the Disney Channel TV show. If not, make sure you check that out, it's quite a fun. Become friends with Dottie, and she will take you on all these wonderful adventures with her!