Make money with PacoGames

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PacoGames is friendly gaming website focused for players and game developers. Our goal is to allow playing quality games by players and allow their creation by providing the best possible platform, tools, options and environment for game developers. You can understand PacoGames as YouTube of games.

The ecosystem of connected players and developers can work only in a case of sufficient number of interested entities on both sides. After all, every service exists on a base of supply and demand.


Game developers

Game developers can earn on PacoGames by publishing their games with implemented in-game advertisements and IAP by using game distribution platform, see more in a post Publishing games on PacoGames. Except this, there are also other options of available extra earning for game developers, via options for partners.



Partners can be basically all entities who helps PacoGames to get more users and popularity. There is a simple idea behind it - higher numbers of players and gameplays generates higher revenues which will attract game developers developing better games - while these games will attract yet more players. Being a partner of PacoGames you can be at the beginning of emerging giant gaming platform and social site in one.

Who can be a partner?

Everyone with some influence in order to promote pacogames and games available on that website. It can be a creator of videos on youtube, administrator of a page on a social site, blog writer, website owner, or calmly a game developer releasing his games out of GameArter platform.

How does it work and how does the partner earn?

PacoGames allows earning for its partners on the principle of affiliate. Affiliate is a performance campaign made by a partner when the partner gets a financial reward for every connected user on PacoGames via his special affiliate link.

What form can the affiliate link have?

  • Classic link in a text (inside article, description, contribution…)
  • A button inside app or on a page (more games, play ...)
  • Ad-type - Display banner, video banner, pop-up, pushup….

What are rewards for partners and how are they counted?

Rewards and conditions under which rewards are paid can be changed in a time, all up-to-date information is always available on a panel for partners. A rewards per 1 user vary on GEO of connected user, while the GEO is being recognized automatically by GameArter. The panel is accessible over GameArter which provides solution for running the affiliate program on PacoGames.

Generally, PacoGames recognizes 2 types of users - users and active users. Difference between these 2 types of users is basically their behaviour. A user becomes active user after reaching certain goal - time on page / played games… The goal cannot be achieved during a single visit, GameArter sums the user's individual visits. Goals are set on a level of average numbers from classic users visiting PacoGames, and with other mechanisms they are used to eliminate poor audience and frauds.

How to become a partner?

You can make a request via partners section on GameArter - option Influencers.

Example usage:

A partner has any kind of content (it does not matter whether it has been or will be released) which he extends for a special affiliate link to PacoGames. A partner consider “car games” in english language as the most relevant page of the content so he will use link for car games in english language. Then, every user who clicks the link will be displayed at the panel between users and once the user will meet set conditions, he will be moved between active users and GameArter will release the reward for partner.