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The good old flash games. If you were born in 90', you surely remember them. For the younger or older readers who may be lost in a “flash games” phrase, flash games are games made in a flash technology. Flash, originally developed by Macromedia and acquired by Adobe, has been a technology which allowed the existence of multimedia and rich applications such as games on the web.

Flash web content has a source code with .swf ending. This file is executable either automatically or by a click right in a browser with installed Adobe Flash player extension. Flash is being considered as unsecure and obsolete technology which support has been being gradually suspended in browsers since 2017. Complete suspension in all modern browsers occured by the end of 2020 ans since that time there is need to use an emulator to play such game anymore. PacoGames run such emulator thanks to which you can still play all the legendary flash games - you can find them at flash games category.

HTML instead of flash

You may think, hey, I know so many gaming websites, even with flash in their name, what will happen with them? The reply is simple, they will continue furtner same as the earth will not stop rotating. There have been over 3 years to get ready for the change and create new content based on modern technologies. Otherwise there is possible to use an emulator to run such content. Most games of a flash type may be made for example with a use of html5 (see current html5 games).

HTML, a shortcut of Hypertext Markup Language, is standard markup language for documents designed to be displayed in a web browser. Simply, HTML code is part of every web page and instructs web browsers how to render content. HTML has been gradually evolved in various versions while the last recommended version for use by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is the fifth version of HTML (HTML5) from 28 October 2014.

Actually, the version in a phrase associated with games is quite irrelevant. Right now we talk about html5 games, sometimes in the future we may talk about html6 games and so on. The difference in HTML versions is especially in native available features simplifying creation of rich websites and applications such as games. Just features that came with HTML5 made it simple to replace flash on the world wide web.

Games made in html5 assisted by technologies such as Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and scripting languages (JS) are considered to be a successor of the flash games. These games are not only on the web, but they are also available within mobile applications, through consoles and other devices. We can call them “instant games” (no plugin to play them required) and if they load quickly, there is a frequently used phrase “instant games”.

The fate of a flash games

Flash games were often created by enthusiastic creators out of the pure joy of new options and for fun from playing. These usually unique crazy games brought millions of internet users to games and defined a new market of gaming websites with free online games. Although every cool thing comes to an end in a certain time, it is worth to say that this does not cover all games. We can expect 2 simultaneously running scenarios:

  1. Conversion of the most popular flash games into HTML and other technologies

    • Flash games that generate interesting revenue or are made by very enthusiastic developers will be probably converted into HTML5 / alternative technologies (Android / ios app) once it's possible.
    • There will be created many new games based on a reskins of older popular flash games.
    • Currently we also see an effort from companies such as IceStone to get a licence of old popular flash games to convert them into HTML5 extended about in-game ads as a form of revenue model. There are also new games from Kiz10 which are very similar to good old flash games concepts.
  2. Emulators allowing to run old type of software such as flash

    Like in Atari, game boy and many Nintendo and retro games, there is a high probability that someone will create an emulator or some kind of external extension which will allow to play online flash games even after the end of flash.

List of the best flash games playable in a modern browser

Most flash games died while some get a new life. Here's a list of popular and addictive flash games you can play natively on any device, yeah, even on mobile!

  1. Bubble Shooter

    A classic game where a player shoots colourful bubbles into a line of other colourful bubbles. When the fired bubble hits at least 2 connected bubbles of the same colour, all these bubbles disappear from the gaming area.

  2. Epic War

    2D ancient battle between 2 castles. Be the general of your army, think and use the right strategy for the victory.

  3. Bug War

    A strategic game with more bug houses in the game area. Every house generates a dynamical amount of bugs per time. More players (player + AIs) start at the same time and the winner is the one who is able to occupy and keep most bug houses to generate enough bugs to defeat opponents.

  4. Into Space, Mad burger and Shopping cart games

    These are very addictive flying games of the same concept. You control a spaceship, burger or a shopping cart (or toilet in alternative game potty racers) while your goal is to overcome the longest possible distance. Within every launch, there are limited resources to use (fuel, health, speed) you must consider while driving There is also a need for regular improvements of your vehicle anytime there is enough of collected funds.

  5. Handless Millionaire 2

    Some say that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. In handless Millionaire 2 you may think whether the next $50 is worth a hand on a floor, literally. The goal in this millionaire game version is take the cash before a guillotine falls. Good luck and have fun :).

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