WASD = move

mouse = shoot

l = lock cursor

i = weapon inventory

f = use medkit

r = reload

x = prone

v = melee

t = slow time

shift = run

c = camera

space = jump

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Speculations about training facilites have been taking place for the fighting against extraterrestrial civilizations have been taking place for several years. We finally managed to get into one of them called B4. This organization has the task of training elite soldiers who, in the case of an alien invasion, will try to save our planet. You're one of the newcomers awaiting a lot of tasks, but the main one is just one - to survive. You will be mercilessly thrown into the arena, where you will be facing few battle robots with Find and Destroy program set up... Well, this is gonna be tough day, but elite soldier has to do much more ... Have fun.

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