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WASD = move

mouse = shoot

shift = crouch

space = jump


e = change weapon

r = reload

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Io games are expanding, the new multiplayer battle royal game is coming. You must not miss todays game, because it is a great 3D shooter with minecraft-like graphics - pixel graphics. Join the game and fight against people from all over the world, enjoy the game from first person (FPS game). You have two weapons you switch between. The game has several maps that are generated at the end of the round random. Each one is unique and sophisticated. Your task is to kill as many enemies as possible and survive for as long as possible. Get the most points and become the winner of the round. is a game full of fun that you enjoy if you like challenges and battle royale games like Have fun.

Krunker customizations

Krunker io game sails on a popular wave of in-game and character customizations while all is made to be as simple as possible. See a list of our tips what you can modify with a few minutes time investment:

Krunker maps

Maps are basic pillar of every game. In Krunker, there is possible to select from a big selection of random-generated maps or maps created either by the developer or a community. And if you do not find any map to be according to your wishes, by use of a simple online editor you can create and publish your own map.

Weapon sights and game icons, texts and images

Modification of sights for weapons and game icons is possible by replacing default images with own or downloaded images from the internet. This option is available under settings button and scrolling at proper inputs.

  • Scope image - it's image used for a weapon sighter
  • Hitmaker image - it's image used when you hit someone
  • Red dot image - it's image indicating where exactly you aim during a zoom
  • Match end message - It's a text displayed at the end of a match
  • Profile image - It's your profile image displayed during various events in the game
  • Ammo icon Image - icon of an ammo (!!! in defualt)
  • Kills icon Image - icon for counter of kills
  • Deaths icon Image - icon for counter of deaths
  • Streak counter icon Image - icon for counter of streaks
  • Damage overlay Image - an image indicating that you have been hit by someone (must be enabled in settings to work)
  • Timer icon Image - icon fortime counter
  • Game overlay image - image which can imitate e.g. view through a helmet on the head

Krunker Mods

Krunker mods are mod packs modifiying default view, gameplay or game features. Players can either select one of pre-created mods, create own modes or load an external mode via url address from the internet. Players using krunker mods still play with common players while having the game a bit different based on used mod which bring nontraditional and interesting options to make the game interesting even for regular players.

Krunker Shop

Some things are available for free, some are paid. Krunker shop available for logged players enables buying and unlocking new game items.

Krunker Account

Krunker game allows creation of user account for unlocking ranks, purchases, skins and other game adjustments and features. This account is not managed by PacoGames and PacoGames is not responsible for anything related to Krunker accounts.


Krunker io game has been developed by Sidney de Vries. unblocked

If you have found blocked on your electronic device, most likely this is due to blocking by network or device administrator. To play the game in this case you need to change the network or device you are connecting from, or find yet not blocked proxy server in your network - try googling for " proxy" or check for more information to avoid blocking.

Published on Oct 23, 2018

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