Big Blocks Battle

6,485 plays Tags: Action Logic Ball HTML5 Mouse Puzzle Shooting

Big Blocks Battle is a 2D logic game. Try to destroy all blue block by shoot them down of the platform. Shoot balls to accomplish this. You have three different balls in your disposal. Small ball for less damage, fast ball to wreck the wall down and big strong ball that destroys everything. Play for free in your browser!

A huge wall has been build. You really need to overcome it. You have friends behind the wall. Your goal is to demolish this wall but only the blue parts! Shoot balls and wreck the wall. There are three types of balls. Every ball has unique features. Choose the correct approach. The game is suitable for all ages and it is fun to play. You can play the game in your computer or on mobile. Are you ready for an adventure? Hit the start button. Have fun!

Age rating: PACO3  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Jul 8, 2020

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