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Sports Heads Football

Step onto the virtual football field and strive to become the ultimate champion in Sports Heads Football. Use your head, quite literally, to score goals and outplay your opponents in this addictive and fast-paced sports game.

In Sports Heads Football, you'll control a player with an oversized head, competing against skilled opponents in thrilling football matches. Utilize your head to make precise headers and kicks, aiming to outscore your rivals and secure victory. React quickly, strategize wisely, and show off your football skills to dominate the field.

With its simple yet addictive gameplay, Sports Heads Football offers hours of entertainment. Play through various leagues and tournaments, challenging different opponents with unique playing styles. Unlock power-ups and special abilities to gain an edge over your competitors and lead your team to glory.

Key game features of Sports Heads Football:

  • Engaging and fast-paced football matches.
  • Unique characters with oversized heads.
  • Use your head to score goals and defeat opponents.
  • Compete in leagues and tournaments to become the champion.
  • Unlock power-ups and special abilities for an advantage.

Age rating: PACO3  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Feb 20, 2012

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