PACO - PacoGames new age rating system

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What is rating system?

All content needs some form of age suitability rating, wether it is games, movies or anything else really. Age ratings help people (especially parents) decide wether certain game is or is not suitable for their child. Ratings exist in many forms and for PC games there is the legendary PEGI rating system. While it might be the best one for games, it is almost unusable for web games and developers due to its complexity and fees. That is why we now use our own PACO rating which offers all of the advantages you are used to, but transferred to web without any complications or fees. You can find out how we decide these ratings in label descriptions below. 

All of our ratings have purely informative character and also help with finding games suitable for certain age category.

The PACO age labels


Games labeled with PACO 3 are suitable for everyone and all age groups. These games cannot display any pictures and sounds that could frighten young children. Also they should not contain any form of violence except for comical or childlike, and no bad language.


This is suitable for games with very mild forms of non-realistic violence. Also games that contain sounds or scenes that could frighten younger children should be labelled by PACO 7.


In this age category you will find games with more realistic violence towards fantasy characters or non realistic violence towards people. Sexual innuedo or posturing can be shown and only mild bad language is allowed. Casinos, gambling halls and gambling itself can be present aswell.


Games with realistic violence or sexual activity are falling into this category. Also games displaying use of a bad language, gambling, tobacco, alcohol and other drugs can be here.


This label is used for games with high levels of violence, meaning gross violence, motiveless killing, violence against defenceless people or characters. Glorification or glamorisation of drug usage and explicit sexual scenes should also fall in this age rating category.