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Soccer and football can be interchangeable by many people which is affected especially by a country they live in. That's becuase people love simplicity, so people in the Europe do the same as people in the North America - they call their national football simply football. The problem is, that europian football is different comparing to American football - with different ball, rules, football field and so on. To be clear, about what football what nationality talk, both nationalities - europian as well as american selected another word for the different type of football, of course, every nationality selected different. How clear! Alright, so, why soccer and not football:
In north America, they use:
- Football for their american football
- Soccer for europian soccer,
while in the europe, there is used:
- football for europian football
- American football for american football
From there, it is very problematic to have one "football" section for both types of football games, therefore, there is a certain rule, that in the international languge level, there is used word soccer for the europeian football while football for the american type of this game.
This soccer category will you offer many options to train free kicks, fights of 2 players each other or participation in various world cups in the soccer. Read more.

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