Block Square Puzzle: Tangram for Kids

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Block Square Puzzle: Tangram for Kids

Block Square Puzzle: Tangram is a great logic game for kids from up to 3 years but it is also challenge for whole family. The game develops logical thinking, visual imagination and combinatorics. The main components of the game are the tetris cubes which are composed from 4 or 5 blocks.

The game contains of 48 different free boards with pictures. For each board theme, the game creates always new set of tetris cubes and offers more than 20 million game combinations.

How to play Block Square Puzzle: Tangram
  • Move the blocks to the grid
  • Fill the grid with blocks in all rows and columns
  • The game ends if the whole grid is filled with blocks
  • Blocks CAN be rotated after setting

Features of Block Square Puzzle: Tangram

  • The game is constantly generating a new set of cubes
  • More than 20 million different game combinations
  • No time limit
  • Easily understood rules and simple game operation
  • Different types of color blocks
  • Free to play!

Please Enjoy Block Square Puzzle: Tangram !

Age rating: PACO3  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Dec 1, 2020

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