Searching for the Elephant

Searching for the Elephant is a 2D logic point and click game. Help the bear to find the elephant. Dark and scary atmosphere is following you everywhere. An adventure that hides a mystery. Can you solve it?

An elephant is missing. What happened? Help the bear to solve this question. Everything is different and you have to help. Solve the logic riddles and continue through the story. Dark atmosphere is creepy. Do not be afraid elephant is waiting for you and you have to help him. To be alone outside is dangerous. Sleepwalking can be dangerous. Hurry, find the elephant! Have fun.


Searching for the Elephant was originally flash game, thanks to its huge popularity is now available for browser in HTML5, so it means you can play it on your PC or on your mobile as well! Controlling the game is very easy use mouse or touch the screen.


  • Great point and click logic adventure with many riddles
  • Dark, little bit scary atmosphere
  • Game has several levels, took about 20minutes of playing
  • Game saves your progress
  • Great graphics, beautiful drawings

Age rating: PACO7  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Mar 5, 2020

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