tab = menu



3 = weapons

g = grenade

e = enter vehicle

r = reload

c = crouch

shift = run

space = jump

enter = chat

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Combat Pixel Vehicle Zombies

The world of Minecraft hides many mysteries. For example, where all those zombies came from? Is the normal world already so corrupt that they had to move to that Minecraft one? Pixel graphics characters have lived in peace and quiet for years, which is no longer the case. There is a period of cruel fighting. Everyone was called to arms and you will not see anyone who is not wearing AK47. It also has its bright side, at least it will be a massacre! Two teams, two possible ends. Whoever wins... It only depends on you and your gaming skills. Prove your bravery and never kneel or step back before your enemy. It will be a struggle, a real struggle, but without it, this conflict will not be resolved. Here we go! Have fun.

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