enter = restart

esc = menu sandbox

space + mouse

(right & left btn)


+ scrollwheel = movement
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Do you know game Stunts? This game has inspired developers of famous TrackMania. And TrackMania inspired us during development Mad Driver. The principle of the game is identical. In this early access of the game you can await 15 pre-created tracks on which you must achieve to the best possible time. If you want to go further in the game, your time will have to be better than minimal bronze time. In future you can look forward to other modes as multiplayer or sandbox, which will allow building and sharing own tracks. Please, note, that this is first pre-version of the game, so many stuff are not tightened to perfection. Especially physics needs some improvements, we know it, and already working on it. Keep in touch with this game and enjoy great gaming experience. Have fun.

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