WASD = drive

mouse = view

c = change camera

r = repair

enter = reset car

t = slow time

u = arm up

j = arm down

i = fork up

k = fork down

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Have you heard it already? We have wonderful news for you. Extremely successful game, one of the best you can find or better say - you have already found, comes with its second part! Shout out hooray for Evo-F2! Nothing is missing from what you have loved in the first part plus new game brings also new possibilities. Drive with expensive cars like Audi around the town and do tricks. When you look better, you will find ramps almost everywhere. When it comes to the city, welcome to a whole new city to explore. Of course, there are also cars with the fork in the game to take the broken vehicle to service. This will give you a choice of 10 functional vehicles. So what else is new? You can use your creativity! Build your own paths. With the help of excavator dig a new functional paths. We will not talking any longer! Start play a fantastic Evo-F2 simulation right now.

If you feel like you need to play Evo-F now, you will find it directly here. Have Fun.

Limite de idade: PACO3

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