WASD = move

mouse = shoot

shift = run

r = reload

tab = stats

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Special Forces Dust 2

Special Forces Dust 2 is a 3D action shooter. Play as hero or as a bad guy. Will you defend the world or will you destroy the world? Make the room invite your friends and hit the start button!

Are you ready to form the Special Forces? Invite your friends or play alone. Beat other players. Special Forces Dust 2 is a great shooter with many weapons. You can adjust every detail of your playing room. So, do not hesitate and play for free in your browser! Have fun.

De Dust CSGO on Web for the first time!

  • Awesome tactical movement system
  • Multiplayer up to 12 online players
  • Highly detailed location
  • Different real-world weapon
  • Play together with friends
  • Sniper mode
  • AI System

Game modes:

  • Team match
  • Capture the flag
  • Bomb defuse
  • Gun race

Limite de idade: PACO16

Publicado em Jun 21, 2020

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