shift = run

space = jump

r = reload

f = interaction

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Silent Insanity P.T. - Psychological Trauma

Silent Insanity P.T. - Psychological Trauma is a game inspired by Silent Hill P.T. Since we have never experienced it, due to cancellation, you now have a great opportunity to try out what it would looks like. You wake up in an unknown place where you have never been before. Everywhere there is totally silence, you can not even hear the wind behind the windows. The game has 18 exciting levels. Go through the building over and over again. The things around you are changing, they become terribly obscure. What could happen here? Play the game to the end and learn about the mystery that has lived here for dozens of years. Enjoy a great horror game that attacks your psyche and imagination. Nothing is as it seems to be. Have fun.

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