3 = weapons

tab = game menu

r = reload

c = crouch

shift = run

space = jump

b = buy menu

f = use

t = chat

y = team chat

enter = send message

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Skeleton Commando is a special military unit which is operating in the most difficult conditions you can even imagine. These guys are sent (without any support) into a jungle and their task is to take down enemy base, or they are dropped behind the city lines and their quest is to save the hostages from a heavily guarded palace. Become a part of this elite unit and take part in the series of top secret missions. You will battle in the streets of a huge city against forces of your arch enemy. Join your squad and lead your team towards the moments of victory, or join the units of your main rival and play for the bad guys. The choice is yours, but remember one thing, your team is now your family and you cannot trust anybody else! Earn money and buy more incredible weapons like shotgun, M16, or AKM. Have fun.

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