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2 = weapons

r = reload

c = crouch

ctrl = prone

shift = run

space = jump

t = chat

enter = send message

p = fullscreen

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Combat Pixel Arena 3D: Fury Man

The sun is over the horizon ... For a normal person, a new day full of expectations would begin, but the world of Minecraft is waiting for nothing but a battered fight! Characters from this virtual world have been in the war for years, and there is generally a very tight atmosphere. Everybody on the map is shooting continuously, and anyone who does not hold a gun in his hands is too easy target for others who want blood. So, before you enter the arena, choose your favorite primary and secondary weapon and get ready for the bloodiest of brutal duels where your life will be in great danger! You should start to shoot at the moment once you spot your enemy, if you do not, your life will end before you even realize it. Well, when you get into the arena next time, you'll know how it works and you will not make the same mistake again. Have fun.

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