1st Player

= move

space = shoot 2nd Player



d = move

q = shoot 3rd Player



3 = move

0 = shoot 4th Player



l = move

h = shoot

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Heads Arena: Soccer All Stars

Wild Soccer Heads are planning to play yet another tournament! When they play something, it always gets crazy. It is soccer time, boys! Who is attending the "party"? All soccer superstars from famous clubs such as FC Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern, Juventus, Manchester Utd., etc.. Nobody from the very top players will be missing, so reserve your time, and be there too. It is going to be an amazing opportunity to play with these great players in one team! How many goals will you score within the time limit? This game can be played by four players on one device at once, so call your friends and have a great gaming session together! Have fun.

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