Vikings: War of Clans - can you rule?

Vikings: War of Clans - can you rule? Tags: Games

Vikings: War of Clans is new browser based strategy game with astonishing visuals, deep gameplay and awesome RPG elements, while the viking setting makes it ever so awesome. Are you ready to rule your own clan of vikings?

Browser based strategy games such as legendary Travian are experiencing reneissance. More and more people start playing them because it is really easy to jump right in and you don't have actively play your favourite game whole day. A few check-ins is all you need troughout the day and you will be having a lot of fun anyway! As in most of these games, you will find here a lot of city-building, training great armies and taking care about your hero, which is very important by the way. Once you have these things under controll, you want to be the best in them - build the biggest city with the largest army that is led by the most powerful hero on the server and conquer everyone else.

Perfect Gameplay

Gameplay is core of all these games and World of Warships is no exception. These games are easy to learn, hard to master, simple in its base yet incredibly entertaining. World of Warships is really different from the rest tough. Controlls of Warships is on a whole another level if compared to tanks for example. You have to count with many different things when fighting on an open sea or rather in midst of small islands. In this case planning is a key to victory more than ever. Not only do you need to know wher the enemy is, you also need to face him in the best angle you can so that you minimize your exposure while achieving the highest possible firepower of all your canons. If you can do this, the next and final part is hitting the enemy, and shooting with these massive canons over great distances is no easy task. In fact it is quite tricky! After some time practising the right angles on the right distances you will be a good captain.

Ships for everyone

However, if you want to be the BEST captain you will have to learn a lot more! Every type of ship plays differently and for example aircraft carriers don't have any guns at all! Instead, you play them from high perspective, giving orders to your pilots to attack enemy ships or bombers and all of this feels more like a slow real time strategy. Then you of course have the small fast ships, big and powerfull slow ships and so on. Everybody will find his favourite gameplay style here.

Beautiful models

When it comes to graphics, the game looks amazing on literarly any settings and almost any GPU. The ship models are fantastic as we expected and one can sit for hours just admiring the details on every model there is and every new ship that you unlock feels awesome in this sense. Water in this game also looks super-realistic and we can't help it but look at the waves in sunrays sometimes, even tough the enemy is shooting at us.

Play for free!

This game is free to play and if you want to play the highest tiers, it will need a lot of time, or money or both. On the other hand there is really no need to play on highest tiers to have fun. All you need to do is download the game, start it and play. That's how easy it is and we promise, that you will be royally entertained by doing so. Enough talking, see you in World of Warships, all hands on deck!