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Earn to Die flash games have become a true legend - there are only a few people who have not dared to go on a crazy journey through the USA full of zombies within the gameplay. These games have been available for mobile and PC, although most people know them from the web.

Earn To die games on the web

As you probably noticed, none of the games is functional anymore after the end of Flash in recent years. (Currently, it is still playable through an emulator, however performance is not good and thus we do not offer them on PacoGames.) The story of each sequel was quite simple - You as a player was located on the West Coast of the USA that took place in the middle of an apocalyptic zombie invasion and your goal was to use any vehicles and their improvements to get yourself to the safe on the East Coast. See more in the following video (every sequel of the game series had a bit different starting and ending point).

It looks cool, so? Imagine that standalone mobile and PC versions have been even more crazy and fun - you could cut a car in half or lose any of its various parts and still continue in the crazy ride.

Unfortunately, this is something you will not enjoy anymore without active flash on the web. Fortunately, there are alternative games inspired by the Earn to Die Game series - find the best of them in the following list of games like Earn To Die. All these days contain zombies trying to stop your car and kill you. Your goal is to keep moving on to the target area to fill a different distance based goal.

Zombie Derby I and Zombie Derby II

The Zombie Derby game series developed by Brinemedia is very similar to Earn To Die games, anyway, with few small but important differencies. Both games offer 2D fast-action gameplay with a goal to use various vehicles to overcome a long distance through a country occupied by zombies. Earn To Die is mainly based on going through construction based obstacles while Zombie Derby brings also additional obstacles and enemies that may kill the player. These games usually end by onboarding on a spaceship flying to a safe place.

Currently there are 2 sequels of the Zombie Derby game, both are available for free to play. You can get them as an app on mobile as well as you can play them right in the browser without a need to install anything. These games are very well optimized and should run smoothly on most devices.

  1. Zombie Derby I

    Zombie Derby I has simpler graphics and much faster gameplay. See more in the following videos.

    Video and links will be added soon, right after publishing the game on PacoGames.
  2. Zombie Derby II

    Second sequel is Zombie Derby game series has a bit slower gameplay, anyway, it looks much better. This version is also more popular / successful based on the number of downloads and gameplays.

Are you the type of player who requires 3D dimension to enjoy the real fun? Then you will love the Zombie Show game.

Zombie Show

Zombie show is a 3D fast-action car zombie game with cool graphics. After all, it has been developed by 3D graphics artist Cenda.

The Zombie Show game is designed a bit different from Earn to Die or Zombie Derby games. Although it is still about overcoming long distances with various modified cars, the game is designed into more various-style shorter missions, such as survive XY metres, kill XY zombies, be able to overcome XY metres with limited fuel, fly for X seconds and so on.

Zombie show game also includes very fun and interesting cars, basically such cars which you would not really want to drive in a world full of zombies trying to kill you. Anyway, it is just another thing you will love. Get more insight about the game from the following videos.