The popularity of zombie games

The popularity of zombie games Tags: Business, Games

Zombies are always a grateful topic, whether it is for movie or tv series creators or game developers. Slowly shambling corpses with unending desire for human meat or brains are just classic, that keeps on being entertaining. This classical imagination of zombies was created back in 1968, when George A. Romero created the movie Night of Living Dead. Since then, almost nobody tried to change this idea of zombies. Well, at least in movies. In videogames tough, we can find many interesting or original types of zombies that deviate from the original formula.

Let's mention at least two, in our opinion, of some of the most interesting ones, while the first one could not be anything else, than nazi zombies from the good old Wolfenstein 3D. While it was not the first zombie in pc games, it definitely was the first one to do things differently. Not only was this zombie able to shoot gun, it even had the gun installed into its chest, and the gun fired with every rise of its hands. Very (un)deadly excercise!

The second zombie is the one from the game Half-Life, because these zombies are not infected by a virus or risen by some sort of voodoo. These poor guys are just being controlled by a parasite from different planet - the so-called headcrab (or brain eater), that sucks onto people's heads, and starts draining and deforming their body and mind. That is quite an original concept and a very entertaining one from the videogame point of view, since you have to shoot the zombie in the head (and theferore in the headcrab) to kill both. If you kill just the body, you will have to deal with the headcrab next, since it will try to move onto your own head as soon as possible.

Zombies are just cool characters and they are very popular in games. They appear in so many videogames it's unbeliveable! You can find them in Warcraft, Minecraft, Oblivion or Skyrim and in ton of other classic games. Then you have a whole gaming market dedicated straight for zombie games, with games like Plants vs Zombies, Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead or recently released Overkill's The Walking Dead. The last mentioned game had a hard time right after it's release, and players criticised it heavily, even tough zombies are so popular. Luckily for us, it does not mean that zombies are not cool anymore, more likely it was just a bad take on the popular TV series, and many fans were upset about the quality of the game and lack of famous actors.

Zombies are still popular, even so much, that here on PacoGames we have a whole zombie category dedicated to them, containing nearly 80 pieces already and still growing. Their amusement is testified by the fact, that out of all these games only two have player rating below 50%, while there are many games reaching around 80-90%. We recommend trying for example Masked Forces: Zombie Survive, where the goal is nothing less than surviving in a zombie infested postapocalyptic city. Next, extremly entertaining while also very simple game is D.E.A.D, in which you have to run and dodge or kill these walking corpses. Then, if you want some chill zombie game, we recommend trying Cube Arena Zombie Warfare.