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The experience of playing games in virtual reality is something we have wanted to provide to our users for a long time. Ideally for free, right on the web through WebVR, within PacoGames gaming website.

We did first bigger investigation of WebVR in 2019, which is also the year we created new section collecting VR browser games. Unfortunately, there have not been many free virtual reality apps and games that would be run right in the browser and we had the permission to place them there. It is something we are going to change.

→ June 30, 2020...

Introducing cooperation with VR studio

Since July 2020 we start cooperate with czech studio focusing on VR applications, that runs also GameArter VR section. Together we will find simple ways to allow PacoGames users to play games in virtual reality, ideally even on the VR web.

WebXR to which the webVR belongs is quite new and complex environment with many limitations. We do not expect immediate results in a short time, however, in a long term there should be possible to see first products of the cooperation. You are looking forward?