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PacoGames gaming website is based on providing free browser games to play for free in the most simple, friendly and accessible form.

Every game is presented and playable on a single game page extended by generic meta information such as:

  • Game controls - what keys to use for playing the game
  • Number of gameplays - how many times the game has been played
  • Release date - when the game was published on PacoGames
  • Developer - who developed the game
  • Categorization - information within tags the game is available

These information are usually right, without a need to be edited. If there is found an issue in these data, it may be reported through a report form on the game page.

However, then there is a unique description created by administrator, user or developer on every gamepage. This text is available in all language locations available on PacoGames. By nature of things, this description may contain many issues - missing or misleading information, typos, syntax errors, bad language or translation and so on. This is something which should not be on a website, especially if the website is largely attended by children. Unfortunately, it is not in our time and financial power to keep all descriptions in sufficient quality, therefore we ask our responsible users to help us eliminate it. On today we released onpage text editor through which users can simply send us descriptions in improved quality.

Editable game descriptions on PacoGames

Signed users on PacoGames gaming website have option to edit any game descriptions through a simple on-page form available on desktop version of the web. This form is being loaded after a click on "edit text" button loacted at the bottom right corner of the game description. If it is not visible for you, be sure you are on PC and you have mouse pointer in the description area.

Button for loading onpage description editor On page text editor

This editor is designed to be as simple as possible to use. It is loaded within a second right into a gamepage and displays the description in a form exactly as it is and will be on the web. For more technically based users, the editor provides also option to modify the description right in the HTML format.

You should know before using the editor...

  • Button Submit posts modified decription on the server. Button cancel closes the editor
  • Every submitted description must be approved by PacoGames administrator before becomes to be visible on the web. Check of submitted description may take from 1 to 5 business days.
  • Please, take this serious and submit only improved descriptions - descriptions with fixed issues, descriptions extended for additional information and so on.
  • Do not use it for adding links leading at external websites.

Thank you for your help