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To all parents and guardians,

PacoGames is one of few gaming websites which really cares for children's safety. Every game released on the website after March 19th, 2019 has assigned our PACO rating system informing about the minimum suitable age for playing each game. In addition to this we also do other necessary steps to keep children safe while playing online games on our website. This article will provide you information of what all and how we do for the children safety on our website as well as will reply to frequently asked questions. If you find a question for which we do not have an answer on this page, feel free to ask as for it at

What is PacoGames?

PacoGames is a gaming platform allowing users to play free online games right in the browser without a risk of installing any plugin or software into their device, except a modern browser as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

PacoGames is open gaming world for users of all ages, from very young childrens with permission to play games on Pacogames from their parents up to older people who already do not have to work and take playing browser games as a pleasant way of spending their free time and employing their brain to keep it health.

Visiting PacoGames and playing games on this website is free. Hosting, operation and development of games is being financed by ads displayed on the space of the website and in the games. In default, PacoGames does not track any users and display only non-personalized ads, however, PacoGames asks about permission to display personalized ads based on the users information and history. Displaying personalized ads generates higher revenue which is necessary for improvements of PacoGames websites.

What is PACO rating assigned to games on the website?

PACO rating informs about the minimum age of a player for the game. This rating takes into account many factors such as violence, brutality, quality of used language but also complexity of the game. At the end, there is assigned ranking between PACO 3 and PACO 18 for every game where the number after PACO indicates minimum recommended age for playing. More information about PACO rating system is available in separated PACO rating system announcements. PACO rating has been inspired by PEGI.

What do you do to ensure children's safety while playing games?

  • We check every game as well as associated game information as description, thumbnail and video before publishing on the website.
  • We do not publish games with excessive brutality, violence and sexual themes.
  • Every game has assigned information about minimum age for playing (see PACO rating).
  • We regularly check users generated content as comments for vulgarisms and insults.
  • We keep a number of games requiring use of 3rd party logn systems requiring users information for registration at the minimum. For games with a need of login systems we developed a system of 1 single login for all games. This system is also used for users’ accounts on PacoGames. This limits the number of places where a user needs to provide his sensitive information such as email and password to 1 place, managed by professionals using modern software, tools and best practices for collecting and protecting this information and operating access to the user accounts.
  • PacoGames is available in 10 languages to use it in to make using of PacoGames clear enough.
  • We run regular malware tests to eliminate potential vulnerabilities

Can my child spend money on PacoGames?

PacoGames has no implemented payment gateway and does not allow spending any money on the website, however, payment option may be part of a published game on PacoGames. Most of these games containing in-game payments are attached in the MMO games category, however they are also common games allowing in-game purchases. All these games have their own privacy policy a user must agree with. There are various payment ways a user can use, but there is also a way to request cancelling of the payment and returning money.

What to do when I find an inappropriate ad for my child?

In general, most ads displayed on the website and in games are going from Google ads program and were approved as ads filling all criteria for a safe ad. Anyway, it may happen especially in games that some game operator will decide to display his own created inappropriate ad, text or information in his game. In such information, please make an evidence of it by creating a screenshot or video and send it to us at

Do you collect Personal Data from my children?

As mentioned above, PacoGames does not collect any personal data before a user agrees with it while the agreement may be processed only by a person older 13 years or alternatively by a parent or guardian of the child.

What general advice should I say to my children to keep them safe on the internet?

  • Do not provide any information about yourself and family
  • Do not fill address, phone number and email anywhere
  • Do not believe any website or person claiming anything
  • Do not share any password with anyone
  • Inform you anytime your child feels uncomfortably on the internet and is contacted by unknown person
  • Be honest about age