Parmesan Partisan Deluxe

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Parmesan Partisan Deluxe

Be the last line of defense in Parmesan Partisan Deluxe! As a lone, cheesy partisan, you must shield your people from the impending threat of the Mice People, who are on a quest to conquer and devour all the precious cheese they can lay their paws on.

Your nation's fate hangs in the balance, and you are their final hope. Armed with your trusty shotgun, your mission is clear: eliminate as many rodents as possible and free your beloved land from the grip of these cheese-hungry conquerors!

Key Game Features:

  • Cheesy Hero: Step into the shoes of a courageous cheese partisan and embark on a mission to save your people's favorite snack.
  • Mouse Mayhem: Face off against waves of relentless Mice People who are determined to overrun your cheese kingdom.
  • Shotgun Showdown: Unleash the power of your shotgun to blast those cheese-loving critters and protect your nation's dairy delights.
  • Rescue the Cheese: It's a battle to preserve your cheese - eliminate as many rats as possible to ensure your nation's survival.

Will you rise to the challenge and become the hero your cheese-loving nation deserves? Defend your dairy treasures in Parmesan Partisan Deluxe and thwart the Mice People's cheesy conquest!

Age rating: PACO12

Published on Sep 20, 2023

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