WASD = move

mouse = shoot

r = reload

shift = run

space = jump

ctrl = crouch

f = interaction

tab = menu

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You found yourself in a quiet dark street, where is definitely something wrong. If you want to get away, you have to find 8 pages randomly hanging around. Thanks to them, you'll learn what's going on around you and how to escape. But collecting the pages will not be easy. Some evil power does not want you to leave the street, so the pages are well guarded. Kill all the enemies who are going after you. In the end you will find the boss - Slenderman. Slenderman must die! Kill him and free yourself. A sophisticated shooter is highly atmospheric and you will not get away from the game until you finish it. If you are already looking forward to Christmas, try also Christmas mode, where you can kill gingerbread man. Have fun.

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