My Sliding Blocks

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My Sliding Blocks

Ready for a brain-teasing challenge? Put your problem-solving skills to the test in My Sliding Blocks. Using your trusty mouse, maneuver vibrant colored cubes and strategically place them on matching-colored stars. With a whopping 20 levels to conquer, this puzzle game is bound to keep your mind engaged and entertained.

Key Game Features:

  • Colorful Cubes: Interact with a variety of vividly colored cubes, each with its own unique challenge.
  • Mouse Mastery: Control the game with ease using your mouse, making precise moves to solve puzzles.
  • Star Alignment: Strategically place cubes on stars of the same color to progress through the levels.
  • 20 Puzzling Levels: Enjoy a total of 20 levels that gradually increase in complexity, providing hours of puzzling fun.

Get ready to slide, match, and conquer your way through this colorful puzzle adventure in My Sliding Blocks. Challenge yourself and see if you can master all the levels!

Age rating: PACO7  ( for kids ✓ )

Published on Sep 24, 2023

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